The Minnows Are On Their Own Now

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June 21, 2017


The island of Levania is located fifty thousand German miles high up in the sky.
The route to get to there from here, or back to this Earth, is rarely open.
When it is open, it is easy for our kind, at least, to travel. But transporting
humans is truly difficult, and risks the greatest dangers to life.

We do not admit desk-bound humans into these ranks, nor the foppish.
But we choose those who regularly spend their time hunting with swift horses,
or those who voyage in ships to the Indies, and are accustomed to living on hard bread,
garlic, dried fish and other abhorrent foods.

- Johannes Kepler



June 25th, 2017 - 11 AM 'til 3 PM
The Minnow Show! Episode #3: Masks & Animation
Tickets Available Online

Welcome to the third episode of The Minnow Show!

We'll watch a variety of vividly animated films from local Los Angeles artists, expertly curated by illustrator and Professor Fran Krause, author of The Creeps: A Deep Dark Fears Collection. Krause's selected films from a variety of artists are rare, independent and a sight to behold for all ages. After the films, artist Anna Tanner will lead a workshop on mask making in the garden where masked creatures can roam and gather among the flora for a colorful garden celebration.




Films include; Cycles by Erin Kim, I Think I Love You by Xiya Lan, Tap Dance Baby by Anatola Howard, Acorn by Madeline Sharafian, Sewing Circle by Jackie Lee, Ghost Story by David Davis, Endlessly by Michele Lam, The Remedy by Zilai Feng, Above by Aya Kneitner, Memory Sprint by Seth Boyden, Duck on the Run by Nicole Stafford, The Cats Are on Their Own Now by Linnea Stearte & Hotdog by Jason Reicher



This event is funded in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs



1122 W. 24TH STREET LA, CA 90007
(213) 746-2166