Effulgence of the North


(On View 2007 - September 2017)

The Velaslavasay Panorama presents to the public Effulgence of the North - a 360-degree painted panorama that explores the limitless horizon beyond a frigid terrain, illuminated by the ethereal Aurora Borealis. The panorama includes an ongoing 35-minute cycle of subtly shifting light and sound, enhancing the immersive experience and drawing the visitor into a sublime illusory excursion to the mystical Frozen North.

A visit to our arctic panorama is complimented by a stroll through The Velaslavasay Garden and Grounds, featuring lush tropical plantings, a wide variety of succulents, a misting and meditation grotto, and a copper-roofed gazebo for reading and reflection. Reminiscent of the great 19th-century pleasure gardens, our Grounds provide welcome respite from the everyday cares of the world.

Effulgence of the North closed for viewing on September 10th, 2017.