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wasteLAnd presents
Space Administration
Space Administration

Friday, July 31, 2015
$12 General, $10 VPES Members
Tickets available at
Space Administration sets a visual presentation of Ken Hunt's poem "Apollo Spacecraft" inside music for bass and electronics by Scott Worthington. The poem uses NASA's voice transcript of the Apollo 11 mission by erasing most of the words and leaving the time stamps. Through the erasure, Hunt creates an ode to the god Apollo and a rumination on space travel. Worthington's music lets the bass float weightlessly above a galactic electronic background, created mostly with a Moog synthesizer (a company which became popular just a few years before the Apollo 11 mission).

More information: (Ken Hunt's press)

wasteLAnd is a Los Angeles-based concert series featuring avant-garde and experimental music, focusing on local performers and living composers.


The Polar Film Club presents:
Polar Film Club

The sixth presentation in the Polar Film Series
Mush! To the Movies!


Saturday, August 15, 2015
7:30 pm

Tickets $10
Available at

Current VPES and LA Filmforum members are eligible for free tickets with advance RSVP to Event [at] panoramaonview [dot] org


US, 1933, 117 min., Digital Projection
Directed by W.S. Van Dyke
This screening is sponsored by McIntyre Ranch

Filmed in Inupiat (Alaskan Inuit language) with English intertitles This Academy Award-winning film, based on the book "Eskimo" by Peter Freuchen (Danish anthropologist, writer, and Hollywood Script Advisor for all things Arctic related) and starring Ray Mala, recounts the tribulations of Alaskan Inuit and non-Native traders who visit an Alaskan village and wreak havoc among the families there. Meant to deal with the effect of Western culture on remote societies, the film displays the early Hollywood symptom of trivializing the very society it attempts to elevate. In Freuchen's later book, "Vagrant Viking," he recounts his Hollywood experiences through stories of being cheated by producers, being forced to hurry from Denmark only to be denied entry to the MGM lot for months, and going mad from idleness as it did not suit him "to be paid for doing nothing." This film is not available on DVD. Screening will be attended by members of the Mala family.

Preceding Short Film:

Northern Lights Over Mount Halde
Norway, 2013, 7 1/2 min., Digital Projection in 3D
Directed by Morten Skallerud

Northern Lights over Mount Halde is based on real events, persons and places in the history of Norwegian Northern Lights research. Much of the film is shot on location at the Halde mountain, where the remains of the world's first permanent Northern Lights Observatory are still to be seen today. Most of the film is presented in 3-dimensional silhouette against the night sky. Northern Lights scenes are also filmed in 3D, using two cameras some kilometeres apart. Here we can see shapes and figures of the Aurora in a way that is impossible with the naked eye.


Glass Armonica

Enchantment of the Glass Armonica

An illustrated lecture & sonic demonstration at
The Velaslavasay Panorama

Featuring Allison De Fren & Lynn Drye

Friday, August 28th & Saturday, August 29th, 2015
8 p.m.
$15 General Admission / $12 VPES Members
Tickets available at

An elaborate illustrated lecture on the history of the Glass Armonica, including its historical use in the treatment of nervous disorders by Franz Mesmer and evocation of ghostly specters in Phantasmagoria shows. The lecture, lead by Professor Allison de Fren of Occidental College, will be followed by a short performance on the Glass Armonica by the virtuoso Lynn Drye. In addition, a limited-space workshop will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, August 29th, for participants who are interested in an introductory lesson with the instrument. Guests may register for the workshop online or by emailing the secretary at  

The illustrated lecture and performance will be followed by a casual reception in the gardens of the Velaslavasay Panorama where guests may interact with Professor de Fren and Lynn Drye, the Armonicist. Lynn Drye is one of the few remaining glass concert artists in the world today. Ms. Drye will be performing classical pieces from the 19th century, though she also writes her own variations and has released three albums of Glass Armonica music featuring the glass xylophone, glass harp and musical bowls. During the performance run, limited edition armonica-inspired candles can be purchased in the Velaslavasay Panorama's gift shop.


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Black Sheep 2015
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