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The XYZ (8)
of Summer 2014

"Un Voyage au Sud Sans La Lune"


"Xyz welcomes Sue Truman. Ahoy Sue! and your crankies too! Imagine the tales, of folk and wonder, her moving panoramas live to bestow on boys & girls

What a night to behold them- moonless, on a journey to the south"

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In honor of Seattle's most talented Sue!

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

6pm - Lounge Opens

6:30pm -Sue Truman's Crankie Demonstration  

8pm - Dinner is served 

9pm - Lonesome Leash

$40 Tickets Available Here

Join the XYZ Coterie in the Nova Tuskhut lounge and performance hall for an soirée hosted by Sue Truman, crankie specialist from the coastal seaport of Seattle. Mrs. Truman will lead us in an elaboration of two of her crankies, "The Lace Maker" and "The Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-1904."

"The Lace Maker" chronciles the story of a clairvoyant lace maker living in Quebec in the 19th-century. "The Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-1904" is based on William Speirs Bruce's photographs during his time as leader of the 1902 Expedition and the 1907 book "Voyage of The Scotia," written by scientists on board the ship.

Otherwise known as "moving panoramas," crankies are modern day reinterpretations of the 19th-century form of storytelling now being produced and performed around the country and at festivals like the Northwest Folklife Fest and the Brooklyn Folk Festival.

Join Mrs. Truman in a full service, French-inspired dinner after the show and feed your hunger for knowledge on crankies and other forms of 19th-century entertainments. XYZ Chefs Jaime Yamishita and Scheherezade Daftary offers apéritifs & repas á la française in the gardens on the evening of the new moon to the delight and savor of the XYZ Club, the fundraising initiative of The Velaslavasay Panorama.

photo credit Alleyn Evans
Photo by Alleyn Evans

Afterwards, we welcome Lonesome Leash on stage for a one-man act on accordion, drum, vocals and, of course, dessert.

The XYZ Club was founded by a merger of various entities in the Greater Los Angeles region of California to "promote the advancement of science, mathematics, history and craft, and to provide a forum for enthusiasts to meet and exchange knowledge in a sociable setting." In the Spring, the decree was extended to include... "Furthermore, to prolong the lifeline of The Velaslavasay Panorama, whose presence is tested by the firm grasp of economics and history."


Premiere LA Screening of The Murder of Hi Good

with Director Lee Lynch and Pre-Lecture by Richard Burrill,
Fringe Historian on the Gold Rush Era of California


Saturday, August 9th, 2014
8pm - Lecture by Richard Burrill
8:30pm - The Murder of Hi Good

$13 General / $11 VPES Members

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The Murder of Hi Good is a true-crime revisionist western shot on 35mm, Super 16mm, Super 8mm and digital video. Set in Northern California in 1870, the film details the eventual murder of California's most notorious Indian hunter, Hiram Good. Created over a seven year period by filmmaker Lee Lynch and co-written by art critic Doug Harvey, the film features a diverse set of performers including Los Angeles based artists, western re-enactors, and regional American Indians.

The screening will be accompanied by a short lecture by outsider historian Richard Burrill, who served as a consultant on the project. Richard's studies focus on the Gold Rush era of California through the First World War, with a particular interest in California Indian history and culture. Burrill lives in Chico, California, and is a distinguished scholar and author on the subject of Ishi, the last "wild Indian" of North America. In 2010, Burrill published the exhaustive Hi Good Cabin Report, in response to the archaeological dig that took place on the original property of the late Indian hunter.



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